The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology

Message of advanced ultra-precision machining technology
for tomorrow's manufacturing.

JSAT exposition

  • Successive organization of Japan Society of Grinding Engineers merged with Kansai Society of Grinding Engineers both predecessors were established in 1956.
  • Attracting worldwide attentions by the name of JSAT(Japan Society of Abrasive Technology).
  • Education and succession on technology to young generation.
  • A wide range of technology covering advanced materials,semiconductor,precision machine tools and instruments, automobile, aviation and space, energy and nuclear power, environment and medical treatment,electronics,communications and optics.

Scope of abrasive technology

Transition of number of members,reflecting the importance of abrasive technology

ISAAT2005 held in St.Perterburg,Russia in 2005


Offering technological information and knowledge directly associated with production site.

Main activities and events

  • Holding ISAAT(International Symposium in Advances in Abrasive Technology) event year.
  • Playing a core roll for development of abrasive technology in the countries of Pacific rim.
  • Holding academic conference of ABTEC(Abrasive Technology Conference) once a year across Japan.
  • Offering a variety of programs including research committees, expert committees, tutorial courses,regular meeting,technical tours and visits,open seminars and Techno-Fairs for corporation members.

Member benefits

The main research committees and expert committees

  • Research committee on the application of electroconductive diamonds to precision machining.
  • Research committee on fundamentals,developments and practical uses to promote environment-friendly machining technology.
  • Research committee on Hokushinetsu hi-tech process.
  • Expert committee on challenging abrasive technology.
  • Expert committee on functional systematization of abrasive technology for supporting IT industry.
  • Expert committee on next generation fixed abrasive technology.